Tag: Neuroscience

26. Sleep & Memory in College Students

Studying longer is always better: or is it? Is putting in all those hours throughout the night to prepare for a test the right way to do it? Stressing to get good grades, lacking sleep, and drinking caffeine to stay up late. Well, it could have the opposite effect than desired.

25. Knee Jerk Reflex

What is the reflex arc for the knee jerk reflex and what triggers it? 

23. Schizophrenia

Why do certain treatments only work for certain types of people with schizophrenia? How can insight into one’s own conditions help? Through the movie A Beautiful Mind, we examine how the narrative of schizophrenia has evolved with growing research and we introduce how treatments and insight into these treatments leads to an individualized and more effective diagnosis.

20. Sleep & Stress

In this episode we’re discussing the relationship between sleep–or lack thereof–and stress, which we all struggle with. Join us to learn about a very interesting hormone involved, how that can go awry, before moving onto potential solutions.