Episode 7:
Terrifying Tunes - The How & Why of Horror Music


What is it about horror music that makes it so frightening? And, what makes horror music so good at making movies more scary? Viewer beware… you’re in for an informative video!

This episode was produced by first semester freshman as part of a first year colloquium titled “Neuroscience-Fiction in Film” taught by Angel Kaur during Fall 2019 at UNC Asheville.

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Written, Directed, Edited, and Featuring: Ian O’Brien and Simon Hirsch
Scientific Research by: Ian O’Brien and Simon Hirsch
Web Content by: Ian O’Brien and Simon Hirsch

Background Music (in order of appearance):
The Halloween Dawn – Twin Musicom
The Stalker – Hainbach
They Can Feel You – Hainbach
Aurora Borealis Expedition – Asher Fulcro
Hotel Mario Main Theme – Jack Levy
Inside a Computer Chip – Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions
Mad Science – MK2
Rio Nights – Quincas Moreira
Unrest – ELPHNT
Toccate in D Minor – Bach
Gymnopedie No 1 – Satie
It’s Coming – Josh Kirsch/Media Right Productions
Ipanema Daydream – Bird Creek
Easy Sunday – Bad Snacks
Landing on a Dark Planet – Doug Maxwell/Media Right Productions
Fortaleza – Topher Mohr and Alex Elena

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