Episode 5:
A New Look at LSD


Hippies, a war on drugs, and a whole lot of stigma; LSD has been villainized for decades, but there’s research to support the use of LSD as a therapeutic treatment in addiction, depression, and other mental illnesses. “Turn on and tune in” to look at the history of LSD in the US and what LSD does in the brain.

This episode was produced as part of an upper level course on Neuropharmacology taught by Angel Kaur during Fall 2016 at UNC Asheville.

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Club Kaur
5. A New Look at LSD

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Written, Directed, Edited, and Featuring: Erin Young
Scientific Research by: Erin Young
Web Content by: Rosanna Garris

Sound Clips:
*LSD’s Long, Strange Trip. Retro Report. The New York Times. May 2016.
*NBC Universal Archives

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