Episode 33:
The False Memory


Join us as host Gianna Richard discusses the film Memento and the role short-term memory loss plays in the film.

This episode was produced as part of an upper level course on NeuroScience Fiction in Film taught by Angel Kaur during Fall 2020 at UNC Asheville.

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Club Kaur
33. The False Memory

Articles Referenced

  • Sevenants, Aline, and d’Ydewalle, Géry. “Semantic, Aesthetic, and Cognitive Effects of Flashbacks in Film.” UC Merced Proceedings of the Annual Meeting of the Cognitive
    Science Society, 33(33). 2011.

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Written, Directed, and Featuring: Gianna Richard 
Scientific Research by: Gianna Richard
Additional Sound EngineeringCat Sawyer

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