Episode 30:
The Rise of Fentanyl


According to the CDC, illegal fentanyl is the main driver of the recent increase in opioid deaths in the United States. What is the history of fentanyl, its uses, and the role in addiction and in the opioid
epidemic? Join us on our podcast episode “The Rise of Fentanyl” where we’ll be discussing these points and more.

This episode was produced as part of an upper level course on Neuropharmacology taught by Angel Kaur during Fall 2019 at UNC Asheville. 

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Club Kaur
30. The Rise of Fentanyl

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Written, Directed, and Featuring: Anastasia Wilson, Abril Ruiz-Lopez
Scientific Research by: Anastasia Wilson, Abril Ruiz-Lopez
Editing: Sasha Hussey, Kevin Watson
Additional Sound Engineering: Cat Sawyer

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