Tag: Neuropharmacology

10. Grey Matter of PTSD

Ever wondered what’s happening in the brain when we experience trauma? How does a brain change when someone experiences post traumatic stress disorder? Tune in to find some answers!

9. Wonder Drug

Opioid overdoses take lives all around us, but what if you had the ability to help? Join us as we learn about Naloxone, the wonder drug that can stop opioid overdoses in their tracks!

8. Outsmarting Opioids

What types of treatments are available for opioid addiction and overdose? And, can chemists find a way to outsmart opioids to save lives? Tune in and dive into a neuropharmacological action adventure story!

6: Breathing New Life into DMT

Can DMT join the ranks of Ketamine and LSD on a growing list of scheduled drugs that can be used for therapeutic benefits?

5: A New Look at LSD

“Turn on and tune in” to look at the history of LSD in the US and what LSD does in the brain.

2: Fish, Mice, and Zombies

Popular culture would have you believe that TTX could be used to simulate death, even create zombies, but is this science fiction or fact?