Podcast: Season 3

30. The Rise of Fentanyl

According to the CDC, illegal fentanyl is the main driver of the recent increase in opioid deaths in the United States. What is the history of fentanyl, its uses, and the role in addiction and in the opioid
epidemic? Join us on our podcast episode “The Rise of Fentanyl” where we’ll be discussing these points and more.

29. Investigating Ibogaine

With America’s Opioid Epidemic in full swing, it is time that we look into the options that we have available to us. This podcast will dive into an alternative medication that has proven to be effective in helping individuals get and stay off opioids with dramatic success: Ibogaine.

28. Cannabis

In this episode, we discuss the drug cannabis and the social and legal issues surrounding it. Hopefully this will bring some new insight to the ongoing discussion as to whether marijuana should be used medically, and whether the stigma surrounding its use be abandoned or not. Let’s get started!

27. PTSD Treatment with MDMA

MDMA has shown to be a promising drug for treating individuals with chronic Post Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) when used as an adjunct to psychotherapy. Tune in to learn more about how this drug can help treat those with PTSD.

26. Sleep & Memory in College Students

Studying longer is always better: or is it? Is putting in all those hours throughout the night to prepare for a test the right way to do it? Stressing to get good grades, lacking sleep, and drinking caffeine to stay up late. Well, it could have the opposite effect than desired.

25. Knee Jerk Reflex

What is the reflex arc for the knee jerk reflex and what triggers it?