Game-Based Learning

Learning Games for Undergraduate Neuroscience Courses
Created & Designed by Angel Kaur

A Neurotransmission Board Game

Engage students in learning about action potential and synaptic transmission. Usable as a learning activity or an assessment!

Buy the board game: Printed by GameCrafter
Digital game link: Hosted through

Related publication: Kaur A.W. (2021) Signal: A Neurotransmission Board Game. Journal of Undergraduate Neuroscience Education, 20(1):A18-A27.

A Neuroscience Word Game

Master the language of neuroscience with this vocabulary card game!

Several editions available (printed by GameCrafter):

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Help students learn the sequence of steps involved in action potential & synaptic transmission.
Digital game link: Hosted through

Printable game graphics: Google Form for download


Help students learn about the different neurotransmitters and their functions through this interactive puzzle game.

Printable game graphics: Google Form for download

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