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Angel Kaur
Asst Prof of Neuroscience, UNC Asheville
Artist & Graphic Designer

My overarching pedagogical goals are:

  • using interdisciplinary course materials to enhance student engagement and learning of neuroscience
  • building comfort and competence in reading primary scientific literature
  • building skills in science communication for a broad range of audiences
  • creating an inclusive learning environment to support student success

Each course I teach incorporates the last goal, and one or more of the other goals. I seek out and test evidence-based pedagogical strategies to support these goals in my courses, and supplement the literature with my own teaching innovations.

The Club Kaur project is designed to share science communication work my students have undertaken in a range of courses to bring science to the people while maintaining scientific accuracy. Courses where students do this work includes: Neuropharmacology (a 400 level elective), Science Communication (a Freshman Seminar), and NeuroScience Fiction in Film (a crossover course that combines film art, neuroscience, and analysis of contemporary social and historical events). In addition, Club Kaur features podcasts produced by me in close collaboration with undergraduate students at UNC Asheville.

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Ph.D., The Scripps Research Institute, La Jolla (Cellular and Molecular Neuroscience)
A.B., Bryn Mawr College (Biology at Haverford College

Art & Graphic Design:

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